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Drywall Art

Beautifying Manhattan, Kansas and surrounding area with Drywall Art.

Some Helpful Hints!
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How do I remove over-spray glue?

It does not matter how good of a shot you are, you WILL get the Trim-Tex 847 spray glue onto something that will need to be cleaned. We have found that Goof Off removes the glue from just about any surface, bathtubs, your glasses, molding, etc. Trim-Tex also makes a product, but to date, we have not tried it.
If you get the spray glue on drywall, we usually have the taper skim over it rather than mess up the drywall finish trying to rub it off.

When an area has repetitive patterns like the hallway below, we have found it is VERY beneficial to make template to help position the molding. We usually cut the pattern out of a piece of 1/4" luan plywood. It will take a little time to cut the template, BUT, you will more than save that time in placing the molding. The template shown are for 45 degree angles but naturally can be for any angle required. If someone catches you with a template, just tell them that you were checking your partner's work....

Terminating Crown Molding
Sometimes we need to terminate crown molding or turn it to give it a finished look. In this example, we are putting crown molding in a hall way that opens to a larger area, so, to make the molding look like it belongs there, we need to turn it. With regular wood/composite crown molding, you have some material to work with. Trim-Tex crown molding needs a little help in making a finished end. No big deal, just a couple of steps and you are ready to hang it.

Push Pins are our Friends!

One of these days, evolution will supply us with a third arm and hand coming out of the center of our chest to help us hold things while our other two arms can move and mark molding for cutting. Until then, you might try using a push pin like you use on a bulletin board to hold the trim in place so you can make it. Smaller pieces are pretty easy to mark but long ones are very hard to hold and mark. Why not just measure, mark and cut? Good luck! Almost every piece that we put up has to be cut twice. We DO measure, mark and cut AND then try the piece for fit. Usually, it has to but cut just a little to fit properly. Given that nail flange will be mudded, using push pins to hold the trim for a final mark will leave a hold n the drywall, but it will get mudded over. Just an idea for you!
Use Spray Foam to fill behind Crown Molding Corners

We use Great Stuff non-expanding foam for Windows and Doors to fill the void behind the crown molding corners. We have found that nothing is square, level, or plumb and the you could spend the rest of your life trying to cut the perfect miter. SO, you cut the best miter you can and install the crown. Then once the Trim-Tex 847 spray glue is set and the adhesive/caulking that you have applied to the top of the crown per Trim-Tex directions has set, fill the void behind the corner with the foam. It will expand out a little as it cures. Once it cured you can remove any excess with drywall knife. We usually do this BEFORE the crown is mudded. Once the mudding is complete, we fill the seam with Trim-Tex adhesive/caulk and the miter looks GREAT!

TrimTex 847 Spray Glue