Drywall Art

Beautifying Manhattan, Kansas and surrounding area with Drywall Art.

We can HELP!

We are a general contracting company that recently moved from Missouri to Wamego, KS. We started using Drywall Art several years ago to differentiate our houses from the masses. Over time, we have progressed to the point that we think every house should contain some form of Drywall Art. Given this notion, we thought of several ways we might be able to help you:

Access a BLOG for Drywall and Drywall Art. Feel free to email us for specific Drywall Art questions.

On-site Consulting
We are more than happy to visit with you and help you get going (like to stay within a 20 mile radius of Wamego, KS). We have spent time with some of our friends by showing them how the pieces and thought process go together and THEN saw the bulb go on! We told them where to buy the material and the basic steps and the next thing we knew they were sending us pictures of their creations! What do we get out of it you might be asking. Actually, there are three things that we will get out of this involvement. First of all, and the most important, we made some new friends (my Grandfather told me that you can NEVER have enough friends), secondly, we genuinely like to help people and lastly, the more drywall art products FBM Supply in Manhattan sells, the more they will stock so it makes it easier for us to get just a piece of molding. They stock quite a bit of drywall art material but more is better!

On-site Help
We can extend our On-site Advice by actually participating in your adventure (like to stay within a 20 mile radius of Wamego, KS). We can help in any part of it, but probably the most import part would be to help you get from talking about it to actually snapping some lines! If you need an extra set of hands to hang drywall or install drywall art molding or ??? Depending on just how much help we provide would naturally determine our compensation.

On-site Just Do It
Lastly, we can just do it for you. If you are constructing a house (like to stay within a 20 mile radius of Wamego, KS), we would be a sub-contractor for the drywall art portion. In this case, your general would have the drywall hung as usual, we would do the drywall art, then you contractor would have it taped as usual. We could also show/help/advise your contractor so that he actually does the drywall art. The possibilities are pretty unlimited just like Drywall Art!

Word of caution... the installation of the trim and associated drywall is pretty straight forward. The drywall taping is something, depending on yor design, that should be left to a professional taper. SO, you need to figure their costs.
drywall art manhattan ks kansas
drywall art manhattan ks kansas
drywall art manhattan ks kansas